12.12.2004 by CREATOR:
След близо двегодишен период на летаргия бе съживен проектът prozilla: румънската сила ;), а иначе downloader за Linux. Според авторите дава 2-3 пъти подобрение на скоростта на download. В момента актуалните версии са 
ProZilla: 1.3.6 и ProzGUI: 2.0.5beta

   prozilla's features:
   * Supports FTP & HTTP including redirection (ProZilla & ProzGUI).
   * Resume Supported (ProZilla & ProzGUI).
   * Complete acceleration: The file will be downloaded as fast as possible as your bandwidth allows if not otherwise specified (ProZilla & ProzGUI).
   * Unlike certain other download accelerators available for Linux, this really works.
   * The number of connections that prozilla uses can be specified (ProZilla & ProzGUI).
   * FTPsearch support now permits fetching Mirror locations and pinging them and selecting the fastest server is automatically done (ProZilla & ProzGUI).
   * Downloading the same file in parts from several servers at once to increase speed (ProzGUI).

   prozGUI's features:
   * has proxy support for proxy users, and better redirection facilities and bandwith limiting support
   * downloading from multiple servers simultaneously based on ping times returned from ftpsearching.com
   * resuming
   * preferences
   * and a couple of other basic features.

RPM зa Mandrake можете да свалите оттук:
prozilla - 75 Kb
prozGUI - 252 Kb

  Версии за Mandrake, RedHat, Debian и др., както и повече подробности тук:

To be continued...